Here are some suggestions to get your Mac, Windows 10, iPhone or iPad to log into our site:

Try turning off cookies.

Windows 10

One member found that using Firefox with Windows 10 allowed her to successfully login to our site. Give it a try. If anyone has another solution to the login problem for Windows 10, please let me know.

From another member:

 If people are having trouble with opening the website with Windows 10, there may be a quick fix. I have to do this with my Quick Books online. In the upper right corner of their browser (more than likely Microsoft Edge) there are the 3 dots. Click on that and click on ‘open with Internet Explorer’. They should be able to get in that way. IE has the big E with a yellow line circling it. Edge is only the plain blue E.

Another suggestion is to upgrade to 10.1.

Check your security settings, unfortunatley, I don't know at what they should be set.

Using a Mac
I went to the Apple Genius Bar at LaEncantada in NW Tucson and was given this information. You are welcome to bring your device down to them for help, no charge, but an appointment needs to be made. and click on Genius Bar to make an appointment

 For a Mac, if using the default Safari Browser version '10.10 Yosemite', go to Preferences/Privacy/Cookies & Web, and click on "Aways Allow" This is the newsest version of  Safari. You can also try the option above Always Allow, it may work for you and be less restrictive.

 If using an older version of Safari, follow the instructions below:

This part came from a member who was able to log in, the info came from her son:
go: Safari / Preferences / then select 'block cookies never'
Afterwards, toggle back to select 'block cookies from third parties and

This add-on came from another member talking about the above:
Yes it works !!! But I did need to select “Privacy” after “Preferences” in order to get cookie choices.

This came from yet another member:
The way I fixed the problem on my Mac was to download Firefox (for free). When I use Firefox instead of Safari to go online, I can get to the Guild website and log in without a problem. This might be helpful to share as some people don't want to have cookies blocked entirely. The man at the Genius Bar couldn't find anything to click on to make this work or not, it just worked.

Using an iPad or iPhone
Go to Settings/Safari/Block Cookies/Always Allow is best but can also click on 'Allow From Websites I Visit'

Please let me know if you find another solution,